How We Used Google Ads to Increase Sales by over 257% for a Car Dealership in Orlando, FL.

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This is the story of how we helped our client to increase leads and sales through Google AdWords.

Specifically, in this case, we are using Google AdWords.

Wait, what is Google AdWords?

For those who do not know, Google AdWords is a search engine advertising platform provided by Google to run text ads on Google (and video/display ads).

Whenever you search for something on Google, you will normally see a mixture of paid ads and organic listings.

We’ve provided an example below to give you an idea.

The listings in the red box are advertisements that businesses pay for. The listings in the green box are free listings that Google provides to show relevant content to its user.

This case study focuses on the red box – search engine ads.

First, let’s address the big question everyone asks us… “Why should I advertise on search engines?”

Here’s why – because search engine marketing is the most powerful form of advertising available today.

You can advertise to people who are ACTUALLY searching for what you have to offer!

Let’s consider a simple example. Imagine that you want to sell bottles of water. You have two options for advertising. You can 1) advertise to everyone or 2) advertise only to people who are thirsty. Which do you choose?

You’re going to choose the people who are THIRSTY. Why? Because you know they NEED water. Now, you just have to focus on offering the best water to earn their business.

With other forms of advertising, you have to generate interest in your product. You have to be interesting, make the receiver aware that they are thirsty, and convince them to take action. This requires more work.

With search engine marketing, you spend your dollars on people who are thirsty for your product or service.

So now you understand what search engine marketing is and why it is the best form of marketing. Allow us to show you proof that this working for clients who are working with us right now!

Case Study 

A few months ago, a Car Dealership contacted us for advertising services.

After speaking with one of our marketing consultants, we decided on a search engine marketing campaign that will allow them to advertise directly to people searching for Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships in Orlando Florida.

Then, within 90 days, this happened:

21,245 impressions

2,505 clicks

976 lead conversions (15.27%+ conversion rate)

$18.21 average cost-per-lead

Total Ad Spend: $6,965.86

Truth is…

Success in search engine marketing is not easy. Many companies contact us in pessimism because:

They’ve wasted thousands of dollars in Google ads already and are not seeing results They have no strategy or idea what they’re doing They have no analytical insight and cannot improve their efforts

To be successful, it takes time, experience, and knowledge. However, there is one thing that appears to be a common trend in search engine marketing campaigns. Strategy. We want to help you with this. And in order to do so, we want to disclose some insight into our strategy development process to provide transparency in our service. Whether you hire us or not, you need to make sure you have this in place.

Phase 1: Research of Customers, Keywords, and Competitors

Phase 2: Development of Advertising Strategy

Phase 3: Implementation of Advertising Strategy

Phase 4: Measurement and Reporting

Phase 5: Optimization Lifecycle

Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

Phase 1: Research of Customers, Keywords, and Competitors

Every marketing campaign should start with research. We need to know who your customers are and what they are searching for. We often ask our clients “if you were searching for a business like yours, what would you search for”. This helps our clients to place themselves in the shoes of their customers and really think through their sales cycle.

The better you understand your customer avatar (customer demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.), the more successful your search engine advertising campaign will be. And, our advertising specialists will work with you on this to nail this down.

Now, let’s talk about something that will make or break your campaign – keyword research.

Keyword research is the process of identifying the most relevant keyword phrases for your business. We use a handful of different tools and software to analyze thousands of words and nail-down the best for your business.

As a part of our research, we will analyze your competition for the keywords we’ve selected. We are able to measure the competition levels, estimated cost-per-click, and see how much your competitors are spending on advertising. Our goal is not to copy your competition’s efforts, but to analyze their efforts and help you develop a winning strategy to beat them.

Phase 2: Development of Your Search Engine Advertising Strategy

Each search engine advertising campaign in this case study had a defined advertising strategy. This strategy consists of:

Campaign types Ad funnels Ad messaging & more!

It is critical that you are using the optimal campaign type, ad funnel, and messaging to deliver the most results. In some of the projects we’ve been hired on, we’ve seen some of the worst campaign structures, which has delivered less-than-desirable results for our clients.

Phase 3: Implementation of Advertising Strategy

Now it is time for implementation. In this phase, we develop a timeline for execution, set benchmarks, and set up the search engine advertising campaign.

We will do all of the technical work – ad extensions, bid strategies, frequency capping, experiments, custom audience set up, conversion tracking, and more.

Don’t know some of this is? Don’t worry… just know that our ad specialists are taking all of the proper steps to implement a winning campaign using best practices. Implementing a successful campaign is requires technical knowledge and you need to make sure you have someone who understands this… or waste a ton of money on a fundamental mistake.

Phase 4: Measurement and Reporting

Should you increase or decrease your ad spend? Are your advertising dollars being optimized?

These are questions that measurement and reporting will help you answer. We have a suite of analytics tools that will break down conversion-tracking, cost-per-conversion, highest performing ads, and more. This will allow you to see the areas of your campaigns that are performing the best, versus those that are not.

Metrics should guide your decision-making in search engine marketing. We provide our clients with this to make informed decisions. If a campaign is optimized and producing substantial results, we increase the budget. If not, we continue to A/B split test until we find the sweet spot.

Phase 5: Optimization Lifecycle

What is A/B split testing?

A/B split testing is the process of making small variations to your ad campaign to see if it will positively impact results. This could consist of tweaking the ad text, graphics, targeting, and much more. We’d rely on the data to make good judgment on what we should and should not tweak.

This is just another reason why it is important to have someone who understands search engine marketing optimizing your campaign.

Now what?

Hopefully, by now you understand that you can grow your business through Google AdWords. 

But, there is one problem…

You probably do not have the time or experience to run an effective campaign. And even if you do, your time is probably best spent working on your business and delegating this.

This is why we exist – to offer an affordable and reliable solution to help you grow your business.

Here’s what to do next:

Contact Us To Get Free Google Adwords Management for 30 Days

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