How We Used Google Ads to Increase Sales by over 257% for a Car Dealership in Orlando, FL.

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

google ads for car dealerships
This is the story of how we helped our client to increase leads and sales through Google AdWords.

Specifically, in this case, we are using Google AdWords.

Wait, what is Google AdWords?

For those who do not know, Google AdWords is a search engine advertising platform provided by Google to run text ads on Google (and video/display ads).

Whenever you search for something on Google, you will normally see a mixture of paid ads and organic listings.

We’ve provided an example below to give you an idea.

The listings in the red box are advertisements that businesses pay for. The listings in the green box are free listings that Google provides to show relevant content to its user.

This case study focuses on the red box – search engine ads.

First, let’s address the big question everyone asks us… “Why should I advertise on search engines?”

Here’s why – because search engine marketing is the most powerful form of advertising available today.

You can advertise to people who are ACTUALLY searching for what you have to offer!

Let’s consider a simple example. Imagine that you want to sell bottles of water. You have two options for advertising. You can 1) advertise to everyone or 2) advertise only to people who are thirsty. Which do you choose?

You’re going to choose the people who are THIRSTY. Why? Because you know they NEED water. Now, you just have to focus on offering the best water to earn their business.

With other forms of advertising, you have to generate interest in your product. You have to be interesting, make the receiver aware that they are thirsty, and convince them to take action. This requires more work.

With search engine marketing, you spend your dollars on people who are thirsty for your product or service.