Ride4U Marketing Pro



Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Attention-Grabbing Facebook Ads so You Get Action and Traction

  • Click Worthy Break a Habit Over Offers so Your Clicks Turn Into Customers

  • Create Facebook ads Manager Account

  • A/B Testing so You Know What Ad Performs Best in Your Area

  • Research Ad and Survey so You Know Your Customers Needs, Wants, Fears, and Goals

  • LookALike Audiences so Facebook Automatically Finds You More Customers

  • Pixel Data so All Your Advertising Data Is Saved and Your Ads Become More Effective

  • Setting a Not-to-exceed daily spending budget

  • Creating a list of keywords and pace in the ad System

  • Choose Audience by Age & Interest

  • Creating up to 6 ads and place them in rotation

  • Monthly monitoring by our staff

  • Retargeting so Forgetful Customers See Your Ads Across the Internet

  • Split Testing That Avoids Wasting Dollars on Unwanted Audiences


  • 1 Video 30''- 45'' seconds

  • 2 Videos 10'' seconds each

  • On location set up

  • Professional editing

  • Files ready for digital use

Video Shoot
Included:$300 Facebook Ads Expense